A Court For My Son

I got my son a basketball goal for his birthday, but we do not have a driveway on our property, and so he would usually have to shoot hoops out on the street.  This was something that really bothered me, as there were people who would sometimes drive too fast down the street, and so I was always worried that he would end up getting hit by a car.  In order to avoid this possibility, I decided to have a little court area paved for him on our property.  I needed to find a good Fort Worth asphalt paving to come out and get the job done, but because I had never had this sort of work done before, I really did not have any clue who I ought to call and schedule an appointment with.

Fort Worth asphalt paving

The internet was definitely a useful tool in this regard, as I was able to get a whole lot of info regarding all of the different pavers in my local area.  I gave a few of them a call and also gave them a brief explanation of what I was looking for so that they would be able to tell me about how much it would end up costing me.  After calling multiple places, I decided to schedule an appointment with the company that gave me the least expensive estimate over the phone.  They said that they had done this sort of thing before, which was also definitely a plus in my book.

Well, my son now has the perfect little mini basketball court on the side of our house, so I no longer have to worry about a car speeding through the neighborhood while he is out on the street playing ball.  Plus, he loves having his own space.