The Endless Possibilities of Fencing

What do you want in a fence?  Something to protect your home or property?  Something to make your property more beautiful or attractive?  Do you want it to keep trespassers out, or little ones or pets in?  Whatever needs you may have for fence installation, Clearwater FL is sure to have contractors who can help.

Some fencing can get very creative.  One home has tall fence posts in rainbow colors, different shades and hues of each color, looking like a long row of colored pencils stood up together.  It’s a striking and beautiful way both to enclose and beautify a property.  There is a home where one fence looks like the board that lit up with the musical notes to communicate with the aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  Another home has a fence that contains pieces of multicolored stained glass, arranged to look like a landscape with countryside, mountains, and sky.  In Greensboro, AL a piece of property has a fence made up of old pieces of signs.  It was built by young people from low-income neighborhoods in a project to teach them trade skills by building something from signs that could not be recycled because the reflective paint in them would add too many impurities to the environment.

fence installation, Clearwater FL

Other clever fencing ideas include fences that resemble rows of bicycles on racks, fences made up of old wooden doorways painted in different colors, and fences that look like rows of bird houses.  One piece of land is enclosed by dozens and dozens of old wooden wagon wheels, assembled into yard after yard of fencing.  And somewhere there is a house whose fence resembles a long row of surfboards.

You may not be interested in anything nearly so creative.  But a local fencing contractor is bound to have an option that will be exactly the thing you’re looking for.