4 Plumbing Tips Plumbers Want You to Know

Plumbers are the professionals ready to help you out of any sewage problem, whether it is an issue with backflow due to a full septic tank or something a little less hectic like clogged pipes. However, there are also many things they wish their customers knew. These things would not only reduce the need for a plumber Nassau County NY, thus saving money, but also ease the repairs when a professional is needed. Here are four things that plumbers want you to know.

1- Stop Using Drain Cleaners

They’re available at most any home improvement store and sometimes resolve minor clogs. But, the long-term trouble they causes your pipes is simply not worth the use of the products. Stop using them now to stop pipe deterioration and the need for massive repairs.

2- They’re Not Mind Readers

Sometimes plumbers forget that you don’t understand the lingo or simply don’t catch on to your dissatisfaction with the work. Do not stay quiet if you have questions, if you are unhappy, or if there is something that you simply don’t understand. They’ll happily explain the issue or make it right but can do so only when you alert them to the issue.

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3- The Busy Day

Monday is the busiest day of the week for most plumbers. The glory of the weekend and the problems that it brings, including husbands who still didn’t get around to fixing that leaking pipe. Monday is the day to avoid the call if at all possible.

4- Stay Away

It isn’t being rude, but plumbers wish that you’d keep the kids, pets, and even yourself away while they work. You’re likely in the way and prolong the time that it takes to make the repair. Just as you don’t want someone there when you’re hard at work, neither does the plumber.