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Applying for a fast online Business Loan offers efficient, targeted help for the diverse needs of Finnish companies. Different loan products can help companies achieve many goals. Business loans seek quick financing for, for example, acute investments, additional growth or even the acquisition of a new business area.

See our electronic payday loans and get one


There are many loan options on the financial markets that are tailored to, among other things, starting a business, boosting business growth and balancing the economy.

You can learn more about and conveniently take advantage of electronic payday loans. It is also possible to apply for investment and working capital loan, development loan, business loan or internationalization loan.

Loan capital for the start-up phase of a company

A flexible Business loan can, for example, facilitate the start-up phase of a business, which can provide many of the money holes in external working capital needed to pay off early payroll employees.

Online application for growth and investment finance for a company

Conveniently applied for on the Internet and immediately payable to the applicant’s account after the loan decision, the Business Loan is a lenient loan product to finance important investments – even after a hectic start-up. Companies in various sectors benefit from their Business loans, especially to support and secure the growth of their business.

Finnish companies that have been operating in the market for a long time often need flexible financing to make new investments and to balance their economies in challenging economic cycles.

An indebtedness guarantee is sufficient

Business loans can be granted to companies in the trade register with reputable persons in charge. The company applying for the loan and the guarantors of the loan must have no defaults.

In addition to the creditworthiness of the company and its officers, an unsecured loan requires a personal guarantee from an individual or individuals. A loan applicant can easily fulfill their guarantee obligation with an electronic signature online.

Business loan conveniently online

Business loan conveniently online

Businesses often need very quick solutions. For example, important trade needs to be secured as quickly as possible.

The Good Finance Finnish Business loan has been tailored to meet this need. The company gets the loan decision within one business day and the loan capital is available from EUR 1,000 up to EUR 100,000.

The Good Finance loan is especially suitable for SMEs, which need flexible financing in the face of ever-changing financial challenges facing the company. Thanks to a quick loan decision and clear pricing, the new loan product has been enthusiastically received in the Business field.